The task of writing an essay is something that all students and adults face. An essay is not only an ordinary task at school, it is also used when entering an educational institution and even when applying for a job. That is why it is very important to be able to write interesting and high-quality essays, since you cannot know at what point in life you will need this skill. To get started, write narrative essay topic on the suggested tips below to understand the principle.

Making an essay introduction is a pretty important part of the job, as the introduction of the essay is its cover, and the cover should be attractive so that your reader wants to continue reading your essay. The entry in the essay is not highlighted as a separate block (no title is made like “Introduction” or “Introduction”), it does not appear on a separate page. But this does not mean that the introduction does not require any design.

After the introduction, empty lines are not needed – the subsequent text immediately begins. Due to the small volume of most essays, the entry volume is usually less than a page (several paragraphs of text). As a rule, the introduction of an essay, like the conclusion, takes up only 10 percent of the entire text. That is why in the introduction you need to try to give everything in and give this part no less attention than all the other parts of the essay.

It is necessary to ensure a logical transition between the introductory part and the main text. When making an introduction, the same settings are used (from a technical point of view) as in the entire text (you do not need to select it in italics or in other ways): most often it is Times New Roman font, size 12 or 14, one and a half line spacing, indent “red strings ”by 1.25 centimeters. If this is an essay written by hand, then do not use too large digressions, but write each block of essays on a new line.

After you have written the introduction and the main part, you need to write a conclusion. How to do it? The first thing to note is that, as a general rule, the optimal amount of conclusion is also 10 percent of the entire text, do not forget about it. You should not start the conclusion with phrases, such as “The goal and tasks set in the work are completed.” In the term paper it will be appropriate to write something like “The goal and tasks have been completed.

 The concept and features of civil legal relations are investigated, the elements of civil legal relations are examined, the features of the classification of civil legal relations are studied, property and personal, relative and absolute, proprietary and obligatory legal relations are revealed”. But the essay is not a term paper or a thesis, the essay is intended for an unprepared reader, so it is very important to make this part interesting. Your goal is not only to demonstrate the conclusions you reached during the study, but also to make your reader think about the topic of your essay and draw your own conclusions.

These tips will help you write a quality essay, but you can also order ready-made on the site from professional writers.