Write an essay

Fear of a blank slate is familiar even to experienced writers; for students, how to start writing an essay can become an even more serious problem. How to start writing an essay so that all the work does not take much time and effort? To do this, write a quality introduction.

Essentially, the essay genre implies significant creative freedom. The topic of an essay is usually distinguished by its problematic and debatable nature – in this work it is not enough to simply retell what is written in the textbook, as is often the case in an abstract, or to apply the methodology for solving the problem, as in the control.

Write an essay of 3 paragraphs is already a success, if you follow the classical structure, which includes an introduction, the main part and conclusion. When writing an introduction to an essay, you can be guided by an example of a construction logic familiar from the abstract and start with the relevance of the topic.

At the same time, one should not forget that the essay is characterized by a journalistic rather than a scientific style of speech, therefore templates like “the relevance of the topic of work is determined by…” do not belong to it; but rhetorical questions and appeals to the reader are permissible: “Have you thought about that …” or, as an option: “Few people think that …”.

The introduction to the essay may include the following aspects: the relevance of the topic, a historical review, the degree of knowledge of the problem, the scientific interest shown in it, and so on. There is also a characteristic of the object of study (the problem area), its condition and key terminology.

But before writing an introduction to an essay, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with the possible types of essays for an essay. Examples of the most popular varieties (in fact there are much more) look as follows. The first is a historical introduction. To make it clear what we are talking about, here is the text of the entry from Star Wars: “Once upon a time, in a distant, distant galaxy …”. Fairy tales begin in the same way. It is applicable for essays. You can also compare the past and the present: “A few centuries ago, money was made from precious metals, and humanity did not know what inflation was.”

Biographical introduction. It is appropriate if the essay is about some person (or his work). Considering the achievement of the Nobel laureate, you can start with the fact from his biography, which influenced the formation as a scientist.

Analytical introduction. You can start the essay by defining key terms (appearing in the title or significant for presentation). For example: “At the household level, every adult knows what money is, but economics has not yet formulated a clear definition of this concept.”

Quote introduction. As the first sentence of an essay, you can use a quote that is appropriate in meaning for one of the great ones (scientists, writers, politicians). Moreover, the bulk of the essay can both confirm and refute the content of the quote.

Personal introduction. You can talk about personal experiences that determined the choice of topic.

There can be a lot of such options, it all depends on what topic for the essay you have chosen. Decide on the style of the essay and begin work on the essay, following the style.

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